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Why Buy? Automatic vs. Manual Transmission | Winston-Salem, NC | Credit Union Auto Buying Service

It’s an issue that’s always ripe for debate: should you buy a vehicle with an automatic transmission or one with a manual transmission? Many drivers will swear by one or the other, and typically, one is best-suited to your driving needs and preferences. Discover the unique qualities of each one.

Automatic Transmissions

In general, automatic transmissions are the preferred transmission of most drivers who use their vehicles for simple everyday tasks. An automatic transmission is a transmission that shifts gears on its own, and it comes in two basic forms: a traditional automatic and a dual-clutch automatic. While a traditional automatic transmission connects to an engine with a hydraulic torque converter, a dual-clutch automatic transmission uses two clutches.

Both of these automatic transmissions make it so you generally don’t need to touch the shift knob while driving and can keep both hands on the wheel. However, in many cases, the gears can still be shifted manually using the shift knob. Alternatively, if your vehicle comes equipped with paddle shifters, you can shift gears using those.

With automatic transmissions, it’s near impossible to stall the engine. And your drive is generally a bit smoother. While six-speed automatic transmissions are very common today, transmissions with as many as ten speeds exist, which enhance the vehicle’s performance, acceleration, and
fuel efficiency


Manual Transmissions

A manual transmission is also called a stick-shift. With a manual transmission, the driver must manually change gears, and uses a stick to do so. In order to change gears, you release the clutch using the clutch pedal, choose your gear with the stick, and engage the clutch once more. If you engage your clutch too quickly, your engine may stall.

Although this process is different than what many drivers are used to, it has its benefits. Drivers of vehicles with manual transmissions tend to feel more connected to their vehicles and more in control. They can also drive a car with an automatic transmission if needed, while the reverse is not always true, since many drivers don’t know how to drive using a manual transmission. Currently, manual transmissions tend to feature six gears.

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