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Tires 101 | Winston-Salem, NC | Credit Union Auto Buying Service

Your car’s tires connect your vehicle to the road. If the tires are worn, damaged, under-inflated, or otherwise comprised, your safety and the safety of those driving near you is at risk. Tires need to be checked regularly, and if you’re concerned about the way your tires look or see any of the following signs, it’s best to visit Credit Union Auto Buying Service for a tire maintenance check or a new set of wheels.

Years On The Road

The age of your tires is a good indicator of when to upgrade to a new set. According to U.S News and World Report writer Cherise Threewitt, six years is typically how long a set of tires will function properly. If your tires are pushing 10 years, they are way past their prime.

Tread Condition

Every mile you travel challenges the tread on your tires, and over time, the tread will wear down. Take a close look at the tires’ treads and check if you can see the indicator strips underneath. If so, it’s time for replacements. Any unevenness in the tread is also a sign of tire distress. Drive with the windows down and listen carefully for any tire noise, which can also be a sign that the tread is damaged and your tires need immediate attention.

Sidewall Issues

While you’re checking the tread, be sure to focus on the sidewall of the tires, too. Look for damage such as cracks, blisters, bulges, or cuts. If you see anything in the sidewall that shouldn’t be there, it’s time to turn to the tire experts at Credit Union Auto Buying Service.

Bad Vibrations

Driving is noisy, especially if you’re tackling a pothole-littered street or the road less traveled. However, excessive vibration can be a sign that your tires are on the verge of dangerously failing you.

For all your tire questions and concerns, visit Credit Union Auto Buying Service.

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